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Travelling with a baby

Life doesn’t stop when you have a Baby but it could if you let it. Babies take up all of your day, hence doing anything out of your ordinary routine takes a lot of motivation, organisation and planning. However it’s all possible once you are prepared. Here are some tips when travelling with a baby.

1) Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and packed. If you think you need one hour to get ready add an extra 30 minutes to that because for sure the baby will have a poo or vomit just before you walk out the door 🀣 and you ain’t wanna miss that plane ✈️.

2) Be prepared for a crying baby in transit. Have something you know will calm your baby if he/she starts crying: pacifier, toy, bottle or breast.

3) Try get the baby to sleep as much as possible even if it’s just on you. An uncomfortable adult is a much better option than a cranky baby πŸ˜‚.

4) Take it easy, don’t stress and just go with it. Your routine will be disrupted but who cares. Sometimes it’s the only way to get from A to B. Flights at 3am in the morning might be unavoidable but hey if you can avoid it, I suggest you do. Anything to make your trip easier! And remember you can always get back to your routine once you get back homeπŸ‘.


Make your own wedding dress!😝

It has been a while since I have written a post, basically just because I haven’t been inspired to produce anything creative and I have been pretty busy with personal things like getting married, buying an apartment, becoming pregnant and so on ha ha.

But hey, I thought today let’s write a little post on my wedding that took place last month, as I did indeed manage to make my own wedding dress :). This had been my plan ever since I started taking Dress making classes, however things happened and I kinda gave up on that idea. Plus we set a wedding date very last minute, hence making the dress I had originally designed was not an option.

Also I was going to be getting married on a beach so having a veil is a bit much i would say 😝. This is how it turned out in the end:

My favorite part of the dress is actually the back. I think I did a pretty good job if I say so myself πŸ˜‚

Basically I had a week to get myself a dress, but could not find anything appropriate in the shops so I actually had to revert to making it myself. Thanks to my sewing machine which is a Brother 3200 it only took me 2 hours to sew together. I had some material that I used from previous clothing that I did not want anymore and I had an idea of the style of dress I was going for.

I actually have to say not as difficult as I thought it would be. Anyone who is interested in Fashion Design can really do it without much experience nor knowledge in the subject. You just need the motivation and inspiration to get started! 😊

Harajuku style πŸ¦‹πŸŒˆπŸ­

I was going to be in Tokyo for a second time, so this time I was going to spend it in my most favourite area of Tokyo: Harajuku!πŸ˜ƒ and dressed appropriately πŸ˜‚

I was fairly busy that day checking out all the cool spots of Harajuku.

As to my outfit, I of course styled it myself. Such a pleasure to style such a crazy cool outfit. All items I already Β had in my closet, as I have quite a variety of clothing it’s easy to always find something for a particular shoot. Basically combine anything brightly colored ( specially pastel colours), bows, children’s hair clips, fancy tights and any doll-like clothing to achieve this look. Definitely a style I would love to wear more often, if only society was more open to it.

Of course I had to also go to the famous cat cafe, even though it is very touristy and I don’t even like cats. But I mean when in Tokyo … 😻

They definitely do have some nice cats here.

Still to come in my next post some more photos from my second photo-shoot in Tokyo. See you guys soon


Korean beauty products: The low-downΒ 

You may or may not be aware that the Korean market is a big player in the world’s beauty industry. For years Korean beauty products have been sought after by people all around the globe. From snail slime to collagen, Koreans are in the know when it comes to slowing down the aging process of the skin. Below are some of the products I personally reviewed while in Seoul.

Foundation from skinfood. (20$)Moisturizes your skin while protecting it from free radicals (antioxidants) and the sun (spf 50).

Colour I used was 01, which is fairly white. Somehow the Korean Sales assistant convinced me to go with the lightest shade, which I’m not too sure about. I know in Asia the whiter than white look is a good look but I’m not 100% sure if it’s the right look for me. Next time I would go for a slightly darker shade. However the foundation itself I found hydrating, lightweight and with excellent coverage.

Highlighter and Bronzer in one stick. Convenient, compact and does the job at 10$ a pop. Bought from etude house. (This shop can be found all over Seoul, products slightly more expensive than in Skinfood)

Of course I had to buy the brush to go with it. Really soft on your skin and blends your bronzer and Highlighter perfectly. Well worth the πŸ’° 10$. Amazing brush 😍

Now to some more non makeup beauty products. Always on top of their game with the latest inventions regarding skin rejuvenation. 

Snail essence ( snail gunk πŸ˜‚ as I would call it) made from real snails 🐌 ughh but supposedly very good for your skin.

Slimey consistency, translucent in colour, non-sticky. Not sure how I feel about it. Fairly indifferent meh πŸ˜•. Haven’t noticed any significant wrinkle reduction since using it. And price wise it is quite expensive average 50 ml at around 70$.

What I really liked about Seoul was the amount of different types of face masks available (literally 1000’s) All priced between 1$ -3$ depending on the active ingredients and brand. 

I also loved these wrinkle reduction patches like the one below 

I bought my mum something similar to this. Will see how it goes down. It claims to be as good as Botox but we will see about that if it is I will definitely let you guys know, at 12$ a pack it would definitely be a steal.

The other big thing I noticed here in Korea is the popularity of cutesy sleeping packs. Containers in the shape of pigs 🐷, fruit πŸ‰, Bubbletea and all sorts of stuff are used to hold thick gel like substance. Some of the active ingredients include collagen, hydrochloric acid, aloe Vera ….

This is the one I have

So far it seems cooling and depuffing. Would give it a 2 out of 5. Haven’t noticed any significant change to my skin but at 10$ it isn’t probably the best sleeping pack on the Korean market.

All in all I think Korean beauty products are very interesting and inventive but not necessarily the best quality. They look extremely cute on the outside but the quality of the ingredients used in the products is questionable.

Stay tuned for my all time favorite products from all across the globe in my next post 

Xxx 😘


Little trip to Bangkok

You can never go wrong with Bangkok. Party like there is no tomorrow , enjoy the mouth watering food, indulge in cheap everyday massages and Shop until you drop at MBK and Siam square. What’s not to love? Maybe even get a boob job or Botox while you are there. Quality treatments at affordable prices. ( not that I got any πŸ˜‚ )

Candy floss cocktail at one of Bangkok’s most interesting bars, 20’s inspired atmosphere at Maggie choo’s in Silom.

Then on to some dancing at sing sing theater in my very short illuminous yellow and blue striped dress (which I would only really dare wear in Bangkok) sorry picture is a little blurry,only one I had of my dress.

The evidence of the aftermath 

8 dishes between 2 people is slightly overindulgent but when the food is this good..

I suggest to order tom yum soup with shrimp, Thai green curry with chicken, fried pork and mango sticky rice. Thai food = taste explosion in your mouth.

Diet another time. As you can see from this picture I have put on some weight 😒 fat bulging out everywhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But what to do? Just gotta work with it.Enjoying life sometimes means putting on some weight. Soon to come: How to get back in shape while still enjoying life to the max. This post will come when I figure out how to do that exactly πŸ˜‚

How to travel solo in Rio

I just got back from Rio de Janeiro last night and once again I can say it was a trip of a lifetime. Although people try to discourage me from traveling alone I persevere with the choice I make and believe in a thing called “independence”. I don’t think you have really experienced traveling until you do it alone. Yes there are many potentially negative sides to it : danger, boredom, lonesomeness to name a few. However you are in charge of making your holiday what you want it to be. If you don’t want Danger, go to safe places, if you don’t want to experience boredom, get up and do something, if you feel lonely go talk to some people. Traveling on your own you create the holiday you desire. However for you to enjoy a solo holiday you do need to have certain characteristics, the following in my opinion are the most important: Positive attitude, independence, spontaneousness and last but not least being a yes person. So if you have these characteristics take the initiative and do it and I promise you will never look back. So here are some pics from my vacation.

I stayed in a hostel called el misti in IpanemaΒ check it out, a very safe area in Rio. I was recommended to stay here by a friend and it was very good place to stay indeed.

I would say if you are traveling alone you should stay in a hostel as you meet people easier this way. This doesn’t mean you must stay in a dorm, you can also choose a private room which will give you some privacy. Best however is to split it up, 4 nights dorm, 2 night private room. This way you give your body and soul a break from the craziness from time to time.

On Rio’s famous beaches. Go to Ipanema beach. It’s better than Copacabana, just less crowded and touristy. Still touristy but not as much. Of course don’t bring many valuables to the beach if you plan on leaving your stuff unattended.Or if you persist, bury it in the sand, but know where you buried it haha

Slight nerves before the flight πŸ˜‚

Hangliding, yes scary stuff but totally worth it. Not as bad as it looks. Take a risk you will love it. For me holidays are not about lying at a beach so if you are like me and always looking for something more exciting, give this a shot. Don’t waste your holiday on just boozing and beach, try some new things that you would never do at home.

I mean you kinda have to go and see the Christ while you are there but I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing in Rio. Also because a lot of times you go up in can be too cloudy to even see the Christ. I prefer the sugar loaf ( view from sugar loaf in second pic), as many others do as well. So if you are pressed for time, choose the sugar loaf.

Yes, I love being active, specially on my holidays because I have the time to practice sports I don’t normally practice. Skateboarding I do enjoy from time to time and it is very popular in Rio, especially along the beach or on the lagoon. It also helps to clear that hangover. πŸ˜‰

Nothing like cachaca on the beach. Supposedly helps to clear a cold. Mmh I’m doubtful about that but definitely did make me feel better mentally but not physically haha.

The slums of Rio. Rocinha, the biggest slum in South America.You can’t see Rio without coming here. A must-see in my opinion. Of course I would not recommend you coming here by yourself ( although it did actually enter my brain πŸ˜‚ because I’m a bit like that) I am very glad I didn’t though. I went with a tour, which makes you feel safe, but not only that you get all the background and inside knowledge of the place. Therefore you will really get to understand how things work there. You will see guns, wild kids and general poverty. Hence if you are feeling adventurous and like a bit of Danger, come here, but most definitely with a tour. The chances of you getting shot otherwise would be significantly higher, I imagine πŸ˜‰