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White sneakers. Yes please!

Where I come from we call these Runners but to be a bit universal I will say Sneakers  πŸ˜‚

We are all buying them right now. They are comfortable, classic and go with anything. I bought my Nikes on my last trip to San Francisco as the USA is the best place to buy Nike.

Yes hard to keep clean, but totally worth it. Best buy in a long time.


I always had a thing for Gold

So I went shopping in Beijing and came across these absolutely insanely gorgeous shoes. They were a size too small but I had to have them. Don’t know if you guys have ever heard of the silk road (a shopping mall where you have to bargain as hell in order not to get ripped off, specially if you don’t look Asian). Here you can buy fake Channel, Gucci etc. I don’t even know what make these shoes are supposed to be but I don’t really care about brands, if I like it I like it. I got the price down from 600 yuan to 130 yuan, so I was happy with that, my main argument being, they don’t fit me. However in my mind I won’t actually be walking anywhere in them. They will be my new hop in/hop out Taxi shoes πŸ™‚


I mean just look at them! I am so in love even though I am sure they will give me lots of heartbreak once I wear them. But then again most high shoes hurt anyway, even when they fit perfectly.



So I paired them with this little number: A beige/gold embroidered Top with a veil worn over an ivory coloured snake print mini skirt. The top is from centerpoint (not a bad little shop, only discovered it recently), Mall of Emirates, Dubai and the skirt from Porta Portese Market, Rome, Italy


Have a nice evening guys and has anyone else ever bought shoes knowingly too small just because you wanted them so badly and didn’t care if they even fitted?