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Little trip to Bangkok

You can never go wrong with Bangkok. Party like there is no tomorrow , enjoy the mouth watering food, indulge in cheap everyday massages and Shop until you drop at MBK and Siam square. What’s not to love? Maybe even get a boob job or Botox while you are there. Quality treatments at affordable prices. ( not that I got any πŸ˜‚ )

Candy floss cocktail at one of Bangkok’s most interesting bars, 20’s inspired atmosphere at Maggie choo’s in Silom.

Then on to some dancing at sing sing theater in my very short illuminous yellow and blue striped dress (which I would only really dare wear in Bangkok) sorry picture is a little blurry,only one I had of my dress.

The evidence of the aftermath 

8 dishes between 2 people is slightly overindulgent but when the food is this good..

I suggest to order tom yum soup with shrimp, Thai green curry with chicken, fried pork and mango sticky rice. Thai food = taste explosion in your mouth.

Diet another time. As you can see from this picture I have put on some weight 😒 fat bulging out everywhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But what to do? Just gotta work with it.Enjoying life sometimes means putting on some weight. Soon to come: How to get back in shape while still enjoying life to the max. This post will come when I figure out how to do that exactly πŸ˜‚


Checking out the Party scene in Dubai

When it comes to Dubai there isn’t too much to do in the day (due to the extreme heat), however during the night this place comes to life. Many places to choose from if you like high end clubs.  I have been here 3 weeks now and have been to three different clubs.

1st one was Barasti, definitely not for the fainthearted. Extreme sauna-like temperatures as it’s mostly all outside. I would suggest you go there during the winter months. Dress code-casual.


2nd place was White club, which I absolutely loved! A rooftop club,  very classy and dressy with an amazing view of Dubai.


I chose to wear a tight-fitting Gucci print dress


of course we got our picture taken haha



Now to the 3rd place. “Cirque” Very interesting place…. Not my favourite for sure. Their attractions include a Giant standing at the entrance, a little person, dressed as a monkey in the window for people to laugh at (Not funny, just weird), free popcorn and a pit of balls for people to lie in. Now I don’t know but these things do not attract me into a club. However we made the most of it πŸ™‚


I know, I changed my Hair colour again, but this time for work reasons. I didn’t want to! 😦


There are the balls I was telling you about.


I wore a wine coloured sparkly backless dress. One of my favourites actually especially when I’m brunette. I have a funny feeling I will be wearing a lot of “dressy” clothes here in comparison to Rome which was much more low-key in general. Can’t wait to go shopping and buy lots of sparlky dresses and high heels.:)

Ibiza rocks – style guide.

Holiday time! 1 week in Ibiza with one of my Besties.Β  The Fashion is colourful, vibrant and definitely out there. Lot’s of neon, lot’s of skin and what’s worn in Ibiza tends toΒ  stay in Ibiza!



Little short black and white dress made of Bikini material, hence perfect for a pool party, worn with a bikini underneath. As for shoes, flats are best as you will be dancing a lot (I mean a lot), so I opted for glittery, see-through, rubber water sandals. They were very on trend this summer in Europe, especially in the UK and Ireland


You can never be without sunglasses here, particular at night. You will need them to disguise your poor little tired eyes.:(


For chilling at the beach, it is best to keep it simple. I chose cropped denim shorts and a colourful scarf to use as a Bandeau top. I love light scarves like these as they can be used for anything, very practical on holiday


Be ready to use your day outfit as clubbing outfit too. As there is just no time to rest. Be ready to party day AND night in the same clothes.


No holiday is complete without Bikini wear. Of course I couldn’t resist buying an Ibiza rocks Bikini top in Penneys/Primark when I saw it. Haha



Some neon goes down a treat on this party island! You might want to pair a lime green cropped top with a green/turquoise coloured mini skirt or some neon pink like my friend is wearing. No worries to looking a bit “too much”, the more “trashier” the better really. Go wild and experiment with some fun styles that you would never wear at home!


For a more chilled evening head to Ibiza town and try some of the local tapas. This was our first night and we decided to take it easy after landing pretty late. Of course it didn’t stay like that and we ended up in one of Ibiza’s most famous clubs Pacha until the early hours. So once again be ready to party at all times and wear shoes in which you can dance for hours. My friend chose a colourful little jumpsuit for this occasion and flat sandals. Easy, comfortable and looks nice. While I wore a brown fake leather skirt (that is actually a top) and a cropped army green top with some medium-height platform flip-flops. I love these flip-flops as they are so easy to slip into and also have a little height.


The last night, well what can I say, it definitely was a wild one! Neon party, so lots of paint coming at you from everywhere. Make sure to wear something you don’t really care about. Although we didn’t know we were going here. We sort of decided last minute while out having a drink in Ibiza town. But sure why not end the holiday with a bang. Both of us wore a black top with multicoloured shorts. Most of our clothes shown in this post are from a shop called catch on upper Liffey street in Dublin. The perfect shop for a pre Ibiza holiday shopping spree.