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Make your own wedding dress!😝

It has been a while since I have written a post, basically just because I haven’t been inspired to produce anything creative and I have been pretty busy with personal things like getting married, buying an apartment, becoming pregnant and so on ha ha.

But hey, I thought today let’s write a little post on my wedding that took place last month, as I did indeed manage to make my own wedding dress :). This had been my plan ever since I started taking Dress making classes, however things happened and I kinda gave up on that idea. Plus we set a wedding date very last minute, hence making the dress I had originally designed was not an option.

Also I was going to be getting married on a beach so having a veil is a bit much i would say 😝. This is how it turned out in the end:

My favorite part of the dress is actually the back. I think I did a pretty good job if I say so myself πŸ˜‚

Basically I had a week to get myself a dress, but could not find anything appropriate in the shops so I actually had to revert to making it myself. Thanks to my sewing machine which is a Brother 3200 it only took me 2 hours to sew together. I had some material that I used from previous clothing that I did not want anymore and I had an idea of the style of dress I was going for.

I actually have to say not as difficult as I thought it would be. Anyone who is interested in Fashion Design can really do it without much experience nor knowledge in the subject. You just need the motivation and inspiration to get started! 😊


White sneakers. Yes please!

Where I come from we call these Runners but to be a bit universal I will say Sneakers  πŸ˜‚

We are all buying them right now. They are comfortable, classic and go with anything. I bought my Nikes on my last trip to San Francisco as the USA is the best place to buy Nike.

Yes hard to keep clean, but totally worth it. Best buy in a long time.

Travelling solo through Cuba

Hello! I am back!

First day I am having today where I can relax at home and peacefully complete a post on my blog. Good times πŸ™‚

I just got back from a trip to Cuba so I will give you some insights on traveling to Cuba and of course on traveling by yourself as a girl/women. I should really say women at this point but for some reason I still feel like a girl haha maybe one day.

Cuba is amazing and if you have the chance to see it, please go! It’s very different to many places in the world and I honestly believe it is quite a unique place in comparison to many places that I have been to.

Number 1: THE CARS!!!! Just amazing to see these Cadillacs spinning around Havana andΒ  around the most remote areas of Cuba. Taking a hike through the stunning country side of Cuba outside Vinales and Trinidad and seeing one of these babies pop up every now and again just blew my mind every time. A lilac/white old-timer passing by me with a backdrop of luscious green jungle and mountains is just a phenomenal site to see.



I think my outfit matches the car very well here haha Barbie all the way! ❀

Number 2: STUCK IN TIME: Everything is like it was 50 odd years ago, specially in the countryside. Public phones where people cue up in a line to use, no Internet except in certain public spaces and you need to buy cards to use it, so in general just not very well connected. The use of Horses to carry people and things, the pace of life is extremely slow! (I was waiting at the bus stop at a “fast”food place for some fried chicken for nearly 40 minutes, I told him I don’t want to miss my bus, however he was still moving in slow motion, it was painful to watch haha)

However nice to see for a holiday, to live here no! I would not have the patience.


A lot of Horse riding was done. I was galloping by the end of the trip. Keep in mind I dont know how to ride horses.


The real cowboys are not to be found in Texas but in Cuba haha


Farm animals everywhere. They really have a good life here running around freely. Any Vegetarian would be happy to see this.


The supermarket! Shocker!


enjoying the slow pace of life. Loved the porches and rocking chairs. whole families just sit out here all day and night watching the life go by. Work is not really a thing here haha But You can’t really blame them if the average monthly wage is only 20 us $.


Jungle, Beaches, Mountains. It has it all. A paradise for Hikers and Divers alike.

I did snorkeling which was very nice. Saw all sorts of colourful fishes from lilac to rainbow coloured.


Always a beer in hand or a coconut. Just the way it should be at a beach πŸ˜‰ Getting my tan on big time here.


How cute are these houses? little colourful houses like these all over the countryside of cuba



You cannot get away from Rum! No matter how hard you try it will always make it’s way into your body somehow. People offer you Rum from morning to night and I’m talking straight Rum directly from the bottle. For Breakfast, during Horse riding, Hiking, at the beach, in people’s houses. You will leave this country feeling like an alcoholic so be prepared as it is rude to say no to rum πŸ™‚


And let’s not forget about the Cigars!


Lime Green yey! Party in a cave yey!



Beer for a change πŸ˜‰ check out my very cuban outfit


Now as to traveling solo. It is awesome and everybody should do it at least once in their life. You meet people everywhere so you are not really alone anyways, but you just feel a bit more independent and exhilarated traveling by yourself. The only negative thing is be prepared to get harassed by cuban men and people selling you all sorts of shit. Things in general are more challenging and exciting at the same time. I didn’t plan anything in advance as that is the way I like to travel. Also I travel standby so there is not much planning you can do with that lol

13615153_10209743778540100_7413207617847214626_n Got my ticket. all sorted now! πŸ™‚

If you guys have any questions to Cuba or traveling alone just comment below

Until next time xxx



New York Baby!

New York city and my Spring Fashion ideas for you to check out. As it’s still pretty chilly this April I enjoyedΒ  wearing my fur hat a lot ( it’s cute and it keeps your head warm, what’s not to like :)) Last month I had a great opportunity to do a shoot with Sandra from
World Fashion Media News.
They even made me Model of the month, which is awesome. You can check out my Bio on their website here .Β  Sandra is a great photographer and we got many good pictures, too many to put up here haha.
We toured the streets of New York to hit all the famous spots.










Had to get a shot with the famous cabs haha













Find what makes you happy in life

I am delighted to say that I started to take private dress making lessons. I am so super excited about this that I just needed to blog about it.

I had my first lesson yesterday and my teacher is amazing. She actually used to be a Fashion designer herself and had her own boutique. However with the economic crisis back in 2008 things didn’t go so well.

I’ve decided to book 10 hours straight up and see how far that gets me. Goal is to make my own clothes at some point. As these lessons are costing me an arm and a leg I will have to cut back on other expenditures. However I see it as investing in a skill that could maybe become a side earner if I manage to stick to it and of course if there is any natural talent which only time will tell. And if not at least I gave it a go, as it was something I always wanted to do but never really had the time, money or effort to put into it.

Anyway the first lesson was amazing. My heart beats with joy when I get to put my pencil to paper and make drafts. It’s all about taking the right measurements and drafting the “block” ( the body measurements of the person) very precisely. I could feel the passion inside me, so I definitely think this was a good idea.

So to anyone out there who thinks there is something they always wanted to do, do try it! I always regretted not having studied Fashion Design, however at the time I think I just wasn’t ready and sometimes life as other plans for you. I believe there is always a “right” timing for something and you need to feel it in yourself when the time is right for you.

For me it was a conversation with colleagues on a layover in Tanzania that rekindled my love for design and drawing, followed by the Oprah show 2 days later that inspired people to follow their dreams. Haha and I don’t even watch Oprah and that same day I called art schools around Dubai to search for private Dress making lessons.

I promise I will post a picture of my first piece of clothing I will make, however that may take a while haha keep in mind I have another full time job too.:)

A little bit of Tokyo

Hello dear followers,

This month I have been so busy traveling to some of the most amazing places on earth, including the Fashion capital of Asia TOKYO!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

This city has amazing night life and day life. Everything is so cute here no matter where your eye wanders. Check out this Sales Assistant in a department store just of the main shopping street in Harajuku.wp-1456340397153.jpg

You just wanna eat everything it looks so sugary sweet.

And the Bags! How pretty are they!


Girls are a bit shy in Japan, nevertheless I did found two to say hello


This is definitely some crazy Fashion going on in Tokyo and it’s not for the fainthearted to give it a go, specially if you are gonna go for a walk in these bad boys


Now things are generally quite pricey in Tokyo but of course I am familiar with the Bargain Basements all over the world and found myself this very Japanese style Blouse and shoes for 10 US$ each on the streets of Harajuku.


I did of course not only shop in Tokyo, but also saw some Temples and the Imperial Palace while I was there. However here is me shopping again in the picture below going all out with the Hairstyle, true Sailormoon style (to anyone who doesn’t know Sailormoon, she is a japanese AnimΓ©)


And here doing something cultural



Lunch was more of a challenge, ordering from this machine


and then waiting to be called to come into the restaurant. Fortunately I did manage to order what I wanted. And let’s not forget the Night life. Amazing! Just some pics of our night out and the flight home.




Still wearing my night before Head piece while enjoying fabulous Sushi. Long flight ahead


Until my next Fashion travels xxx





Fashion in the Park

This photoshoot in villa Phamphilly in Rome was a while ago, but I never had a chance to put up any of the pictures. I worked with this Photographer on a previous photoshoot. He is very good. You can check out Gianmarco Giorgi’s work here

The clothes I am wearing are all from Porta Portese Market ( my favourite market of all times ha)