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Being dairy free, how difficult is it?

I did a 100% dairy free diet for 4 months and I can tell you it was not easy at all, especially at the start. I would have never eliminated dairy out of my diet if it hadn’t been for the fact that my baby suffered terrible reflux due to a milk protein allergy. Now I never actually got this certified from a doctor but we just figured this out ourselves from what we observed. If you guys would like to read a post on how we knew it was milk protein allergy let me know below as I know reflux is something many babys struggle with and can cause so much stress in families.

Anyways I eliminated it from my diet and I mean ALL of it. Dairy is literally in everything and is very hard to avoid. Its not just obvious milk and cheese products that you need to avoid but also things like whey powder which is found in many baked goods such as cookies. Basically anything sweet went out the window

After 1 month of reading labels of everything I managed to find substitutes. Lucky enough I live in Asia so milk and cheese isn’t very popular here anyways. Also I live in Bali where vegans enter food heaven, as it is full of healthy vegan cafes that do amazing tasty food.

I found a great healthy food store that provides many dairy free options for me. All their food is produced sustainable and is additive free. If you happen to live in Bali check them out, they are called Alive wholefoods

So let’s get down to what I ate:

Coconut water and coconut milk in my breakfast cereals. Vegan chocolate. Dips such as this one above made from beetroot and cashew nut. Cashew nuts are great to create a creamy flavour. Also lived of coconut cream which I added to nearly everything πŸ˜‚ especially great in coffee and homemade sauces.

However as far as cheese goes, forget it! Could not find any good substitute. Just ate more things like hummus, salty snacks and leafy green vegetables to keep my calcium up. This you need to keep in mind that you will loose out on a lot of calcium, hence I added more fish with bones into my diet.

All in all I am no longer 100% dairy free as my baby has outgrown his intolerance, but still am avoiding dairy where I can without necessarily going extreme and reading every food label. I now prefer the taste of coconut milk and cream to standard milk. I also noticed how my body has improved without dairy in my life. In conclusion being dairy free is extremely difficult at the start, but after 1 month you get used to it and you find your substitutes. So if you guys are thinking of giving it a try, go for it and let me know how it goes 😘


The need for extra vitamins while breastfeeding?

I’m 6 months into breastfeeding now and I’m starting to feel a little under nourished. I eat my 3 healthy meals a day plus snacks. I’m drinking a load of water and having young coconuts at least twice a week. Its only now that I am starting to feel slightly dehydrated and started getting headaches. Hence I ordered myself some breastfeeding vitamins online, but it’s going to take at least a month before they arrive. In general it seems a breastfeeding mother does not need extra vitamins as long as her diet is good. However I read some articles online about essential vitamins for breastfeeding moms and found this one quite helpful. It seems the vitamin B’s are very important during breastfeeding. They are water soluble and are meant to help increase breast milk . Vital in converting food to fuel and generally improve your mood and energy. In my opinion I don’t get enough of vitamin B’s. I am not currently eating Dairy and don’t eat a lot of meat and feel that my baby and my body could benefit from some added B vitamins.

I decided to try a IV Infusion vitamin B complex at Eden life centre in Bali.

It was my first time to try an IV Infusion so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However it all went very smooth. It was quite relaxing to sit there and let your body get nourished straight through your blood. Its just a little prick at the start and then it’s absolutely painless. The vitamin B complex is added to a saline solution which in itself is very hydrating. When breastfeeding it is essential to get enough fluids so I’m sure this can only help. Currently I’ve not had any headaches since, however I have also upped my water intake. Basically just drinking fluids all day long πŸ˜‚

What do you guys think about getting extra vitamins while breastfeeding? 😘

Little trip to Bangkok

You can never go wrong with Bangkok. Party like there is no tomorrow , enjoy the mouth watering food, indulge in cheap everyday massages and Shop until you drop at MBK and Siam square. What’s not to love? Maybe even get a boob job or Botox while you are there. Quality treatments at affordable prices. ( not that I got any πŸ˜‚ )

Candy floss cocktail at one of Bangkok’s most interesting bars, 20’s inspired atmosphere at Maggie choo’s in Silom.

Then on to some dancing at sing sing theater in my very short illuminous yellow and blue striped dress (which I would only really dare wear in Bangkok) sorry picture is a little blurry,only one I had of my dress.

The evidence of the aftermath 

8 dishes between 2 people is slightly overindulgent but when the food is this good..

I suggest to order tom yum soup with shrimp, Thai green curry with chicken, fried pork and mango sticky rice. Thai food = taste explosion in your mouth.

Diet another time. As you can see from this picture I have put on some weight 😒 fat bulging out everywhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But what to do? Just gotta work with it.Enjoying life sometimes means putting on some weight. Soon to come: How to get back in shape while still enjoying life to the max. This post will come when I figure out how to do that exactly πŸ˜‚

It’s time for a Detox

I have been partying, eating, drinking and smoking a lot the last 2 months. Since I started flying I definitely have become more lumpier and bumpier. And then again sometimes I think you only live once, do what you feel like doing. However if I keep going like this I will live a very short life. So much crap in your body combined with such little sleep can’t be good for you. So I decided to do this detox. Now that doesn’t mean no alcohol, no cigarettes, no sugar, but just less. Because I just couldn’t do a complete detox, my body wouldn’t be able for that haha.

I started the 19th of February, the day I woke up with the flu actually. I guess that made me realize I desperately want to be healthy again. So the first day went great. I pretty much only ate enormous amounts of fruit and veg with little carbs and i got my first detox/anti- cellulite massage. Well the pain of that massage was insane. Here are some pics of my bruised legs.

I guess no pain no gain as the say. And I booked a package of 5, as they had this offer and I thought sure why not. Now I’m kind of dreading the next session.

2nd Day I added some chocolate and Ben and jerry’s to the mix, but just a little to keep me going with this detox thing. It’s bad enough with no alcohol and being bored all day slouching around the house feeling rubbish. I promise no sugary snacks tomorrow.

And so far so good, it’s the third day and the most sugary thing I’ve had all day is my Lempsip, well and my sugary cereal but in comparison to what I would usually have, I’m doing good.

Now the thing is once I’m better again thats when it will get more difficult. I will be flying, up at all hours, eating at all hours, not being able to sleep, wanting to go out and party.

So let’s have a look at some tips on how to lead a healthy and balanced life as a Cabin crew:

1) Don’t boredom eat on the plane

2) Some people say don’t eat the hot meals on the plane as they are full of shit, but in my opinion you can, just don’t eat 4 of them, have 2 hot meals max and avoid the carbs

3) try sleep whenever you can (this is the hardest bit for me, because I just can’t sleep if I know I have a flight)

4) Go out but try drink less and smoke less than you would usually and whatever you do, do not stuff your face after a night out (my biggest downfall :))

5) Avoid big meals just before going to bed, not only does it interfere with getting a good sleep but it also contributes to the fact of you not fitting into your jeans anymore.

So there are are 5 points, I’m gonna try stick to, will see how it goes