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My skincare routine

To have fabulous skin at 30 you really do need to start putting in a little bit more of an effort. Let me give you a list of my top 5 skin rules to live by:

1)My number one as got to be: Keep your skin hydrated at all times. I tend to use Nivea for this most of the time as it’s cheap (so I can use loads of it) and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin in any way.

2) Keep your skin protected from the sun and other environmental abrasives. I use clinique superdefense with spf 20. I’m a huge Fan of this day moisturiser. However I definitely don’t use all of Clinique’s products as they are quite expensive and frankly speaking not quite worth the money.

3) Use serums for extra hydration and nutrients. Currently using Mademoiselle Kelapa’s face serum @mademoiselle_kelapa Its organic and made of all natural ingredients. It is really working well on my face. Been using it over a week now and I do think it has made my skin smoother.

4) A weekly Face mask is great to destress not only your skin but also your mind. Currently using a great cocoa and peppermint flavoured one by @havannatural After I hit 30 this is something I added to my regime. It leaves my skin looking refreshed and energised.

5) A weekly Face scrub is a good idea to give your skin a thorough cleansing specially if you are prone to spots and blackheads. Currently interchanging between Mademoiselle Kelapa and Havananatural Face scrubs. Both really natural and not harsh on your skin. Nothing worse than products that irritate your skin. Hence I always look for products that are as natural as possible and for sensitive skin.

That’s all for now. See you next time x


Korean beauty products: The low-down 

You may or may not be aware that the Korean market is a big player in the world’s beauty industry. For years Korean beauty products have been sought after by people all around the globe. From snail slime to collagen, Koreans are in the know when it comes to slowing down the aging process of the skin. Below are some of the products I personally reviewed while in Seoul.

Foundation from skinfood. (20$)Moisturizes your skin while protecting it from free radicals (antioxidants) and the sun (spf 50).

Colour I used was 01, which is fairly white. Somehow the Korean Sales assistant convinced me to go with the lightest shade, which I’m not too sure about. I know in Asia the whiter than white look is a good look but I’m not 100% sure if it’s the right look for me. Next time I would go for a slightly darker shade. However the foundation itself I found hydrating, lightweight and with excellent coverage.

Highlighter and Bronzer in one stick. Convenient, compact and does the job at 10$ a pop. Bought from etude house. (This shop can be found all over Seoul, products slightly more expensive than in Skinfood)

Of course I had to buy the brush to go with it. Really soft on your skin and blends your bronzer and Highlighter perfectly. Well worth the 💰 10$. Amazing brush 😍

Now to some more non makeup beauty products. Always on top of their game with the latest inventions regarding skin rejuvenation. 

Snail essence ( snail gunk 😂 as I would call it) made from real snails 🐌 ughh but supposedly very good for your skin.

Slimey consistency, translucent in colour, non-sticky. Not sure how I feel about it. Fairly indifferent meh 😕. Haven’t noticed any significant wrinkle reduction since using it. And price wise it is quite expensive average 50 ml at around 70$.

What I really liked about Seoul was the amount of different types of face masks available (literally 1000’s) All priced between 1$ -3$ depending on the active ingredients and brand. 

I also loved these wrinkle reduction patches like the one below 

I bought my mum something similar to this. Will see how it goes down. It claims to be as good as Botox but we will see about that if it is I will definitely let you guys know, at 12$ a pack it would definitely be a steal.

The other big thing I noticed here in Korea is the popularity of cutesy sleeping packs. Containers in the shape of pigs 🐷, fruit 🍉, Bubbletea and all sorts of stuff are used to hold thick gel like substance. Some of the active ingredients include collagen, hydrochloric acid, aloe Vera ….

This is the one I have

So far it seems cooling and depuffing. Would give it a 2 out of 5. Haven’t noticed any significant change to my skin but at 10$ it isn’t probably the best sleeping pack on the Korean market.

All in all I think Korean beauty products are very interesting and inventive but not necessarily the best quality. They look extremely cute on the outside but the quality of the ingredients used in the products is questionable.

Stay tuned for my all time favorite products from all across the globe in my next post 

Xxx 😘