Go germany! Deutschland ole ole

It is the final and i am supporting Germany here in Rome ๐Ÿ™‚ I am quite optimistic about tonight, as they did beat Brazil 7-1. Ole ole! However you never know. To all you Germany supporters let’s go Deutschland!:-)image


Purple Rain

Some people say it’s difficult to wear purple, however it is one of my favourite colours and here is how to do it.
Do wear purple lipstick to match your purple shirt. I mean why not??

Best to pair purple with plain colours such as white






Pink pants in the office!

So why not add some colour to the office environment. Try Barbie pink capri pants with some heels to bring sunshine to your day.

pink and violet

pink and violet sitting down

Just chilling at lunch time in the park

pink and violet at lunch

pink and violet in the office building

2 times pink pants

Wow two pairs of pink pants in the same office! What Fortune!

pink and violet close-up

And in for the close-up, yes you can wear violet with pink! Barbie fashion is in right now, haven’t you heard.

pink and violet graffiti

My day at the office, topped of with an aperitivo along the Tevere river. All in the name of fashion. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello Mr. David Guetta

28 Juneย  2014 David Guetta was playing in Rome.ย  I love Dance Music!!! So of course I went to his concert ๐Ÿ™‚

Getting ready to parteeey!DSCN0524

And we have arrived…


Ticket ready


Go!!!! Let’s have a beer



Maybe just getting a little too excited now ๐Ÿ™‚


As to my outfit, I was wearing a pair of rugged pastel pink denim shorts, a turquoise boob-tube with a silver net top over it (so not to look too naked Haha) and comfortable white (at this stage brown) shoes. Remember you always need to be comfortable going to a concert as you will be standing and dancing a lot.

Pastel Wedding Italian style

Last Weekend, my boyfriend and I went to a wedding in Frascati, just outside of Rome. So if you have a summer wedding coming up and you still have no idea what to wear, here are some ideas

Outside the church

wedding 1done

I must say I find the contrast between the pale blue suit, the red tie and the brown leather belt very elegant and stylish. As to my outfit I chose a loose-fitting (this way I can eat, without anybody noticing my bloat ;)), pastel yellow dress

Pastel Yellow Fairy with flowers in her head



Looking very slick in his baby blue suit! I believe Men should leave their usual black, navy and grey suits in their wardrobe this summer and dare to try some pastel coloured suits. Baby blue I find particularly flattering this summer.





Pastels are once again on trend for summer 2014. Best to wear them with a slight tan, but these tones of colour also look very elegant and sophisticated with porcelain skin. I would advise to match with gold, silver or rose gold shoes and bag, depending on your skin tone, hair colour and the pastel colour you are wearing. In my case I have light brown hair and a slight tan and I chose a pastel yellow dress with gold/ivory shoes and gold bag. I adore pastels and there will be plenty more to come. I have another wedding coming up in July, this time in Ireland and I plan on wearing a pastel green dress so I will keep you posted

Shooting in the meat Aisle


The photographer captured the red light reflecting from the Meat I was holding in order to give the image an interesting feel, hence also the need of the sunglasses!



Strike a pose!


meat looking downI do love my Denim

supermarket trolley
Push that Trolley!


B&W leaning

meat smiling

Back in Autumn 2012, I had a photo-shoot with a Russian Photographer. I had just cut my hair. You will see I change my hair a lot. I have to say I get easily bored and I believe change is good. We strolled the streets and supermarkets of Rome for around 2 hours and came up with the above pictures (non-photo-shopped)

My very first Photoshoot in Rome

pink dress full on

Red on Denim

pink dress away



pink dress turned head

me rome

jazzy k bridge

How to wear Denim on Denim: Pair a pale Denim shirt with medium coloured Denim shorts. This way you avoid the clash of same shade Denim. Also avoid covering too much of your body with the this material and keep makeup to a minimum, as you do not want to look like a cheap Cowgirl Imitation :).

blackandwhite denim

My first post, my first shoot! This was back in 2012 when I just finished working in Online Marketing. I was ready for change and decided to work on projects that I enjoy such as doing photoshoots. I take great pleasure in unearthing new and fresh locations for shoots and of course selecting the “vรชtements”-The best thing ever! Seeing the creations you have chosen on a “finished” or photoshop enhanced picture is phenomenal. This was the case with this particular shootย with the very talented photograper Andrew Joseph from Texas. I love the way we were able to change my look completely in each photo, taking into consideration that these pictures were all taken in one day and that I did not change my makeup throughout the shoot.

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