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Make your own wedding dress!😝

It has been a while since I have written a post, basically just because I haven’t been inspired to produce anything creative and I have been pretty busy with personal things like getting married, buying an apartment, becoming pregnant and so on ha ha.

But hey, I thought today let’s write a little post on my wedding that took place last month, as I did indeed manage to make my own wedding dress :). This had been my plan ever since I started taking Dress making classes, however things happened and I kinda gave up on that idea. Plus we set a wedding date very last minute, hence making the dress I had originally designed was not an option.

Also I was going to be getting married on a beach so having a veil is a bit much i would say 😝. This is how it turned out in the end:

My favorite part of the dress is actually the back. I think I did a pretty good job if I say so myself πŸ˜‚

Basically I had a week to get myself a dress, but could not find anything appropriate in the shops so I actually had to revert to making it myself. Thanks to my sewing machine which is a Brother 3200 it only took me 2 hours to sew together. I had some material that I used from previous clothing that I did not want anymore and I had an idea of the style of dress I was going for.

I actually have to say not as difficult as I thought it would be. Anyone who is interested in Fashion Design can really do it without much experience nor knowledge in the subject. You just need the motivation and inspiration to get started! 😊


Go germany! Deutschland ole ole

It is the final and i am supporting Germany here in Rome πŸ™‚ I am quite optimistic about tonight, as they did beat Brazil 7-1. Ole ole! However you never know. To all you Germany supporters let’s go Deutschland!:-)image

Hello Mr. David Guetta

28 JuneΒ  2014 David Guetta was playing in Rome.Β  I love Dance Music!!! So of course I went to his concert πŸ™‚

Getting ready to parteeey!DSCN0524

And we have arrived…


Ticket ready


Go!!!! Let’s have a beer



Maybe just getting a little too excited now πŸ™‚


As to my outfit, I was wearing a pair of rugged pastel pink denim shorts, a turquoise boob-tube with a silver net top over it (so not to look too naked Haha) and comfortable white (at this stage brown) shoes. Remember you always need to be comfortable going to a concert as you will be standing and dancing a lot.

Pastel Wedding Italian style

Last Weekend, my boyfriend and I went to a wedding in Frascati, just outside of Rome. So if you have a summer wedding coming up and you still have no idea what to wear, here are some ideas

Outside the church

wedding 1done

I must say I find the contrast between the pale blue suit, the red tie and the brown leather belt very elegant and stylish. As to my outfit I chose a loose-fitting (this way I can eat, without anybody noticing my bloat ;)), pastel yellow dress

Pastel Yellow Fairy with flowers in her head



Looking very slick in his baby blue suit! I believe Men should leave their usual black, navy and grey suits in their wardrobe this summer and dare to try some pastel coloured suits. Baby blue I find particularly flattering this summer.





Pastels are once again on trend for summer 2014. Best to wear them with a slight tan, but these tones of colour also look very elegant and sophisticated with porcelain skin. I would advise to match with gold, silver or rose gold shoes and bag, depending on your skin tone, hair colour and the pastel colour you are wearing. In my case I have light brown hair and a slight tan and I chose a pastel yellow dress with gold/ivory shoes and gold bag. I adore pastels and there will be plenty more to come. I have another wedding coming up in July, this time in Ireland and I plan on wearing a pastel green dress so I will keep you posted