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Travelling with a baby

Life doesn’t stop when you have a Baby but it could if you let it. Babies take up all of your day, hence doing anything out of your ordinary routine takes a lot of motivation, organisation and planning. However it’s all possible once you are prepared. Here are some tips when travelling with a baby.

1) Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and packed. If you think you need one hour to get ready add an extra 30 minutes to that because for sure the baby will have a poo or vomit just before you walk out the door 🀣 and you ain’t wanna miss that plane ✈️.

2) Be prepared for a crying baby in transit. Have something you know will calm your baby if he/she starts crying: pacifier, toy, bottle or breast.

3) Try get the baby to sleep as much as possible even if it’s just on you. An uncomfortable adult is a much better option than a cranky baby πŸ˜‚.

4) Take it easy, don’t stress and just go with it. Your routine will be disrupted but who cares. Sometimes it’s the only way to get from A to B. Flights at 3am in the morning might be unavoidable but hey if you can avoid it, I suggest you do. Anything to make your trip easier! And remember you can always get back to your routine once you get back homeπŸ‘.


Being dairy free, how difficult is it?

I did a 100% dairy free diet for 4 months and I can tell you it was not easy at all, especially at the start. I would have never eliminated dairy out of my diet if it hadn’t been for the fact that my baby suffered terrible reflux due to a milk protein allergy. Now I never actually got this certified from a doctor but we just figured this out ourselves from what we observed. If you guys would like to read a post on how we knew it was milk protein allergy let me know below as I know reflux is something many babys struggle with and can cause so much stress in families.

Anyways I eliminated it from my diet and I mean ALL of it. Dairy is literally in everything and is very hard to avoid. Its not just obvious milk and cheese products that you need to avoid but also things like whey powder which is found in many baked goods such as cookies. Basically anything sweet went out the window

After 1 month of reading labels of everything I managed to find substitutes. Lucky enough I live in Asia so milk and cheese isn’t very popular here anyways. Also I live in Bali where vegans enter food heaven, as it is full of healthy vegan cafes that do amazing tasty food.

I found a great healthy food store that provides many dairy free options for me. All their food is produced sustainable and is additive free. If you happen to live in Bali check them out, they are called Alive wholefoods

So let’s get down to what I ate:

Coconut water and coconut milk in my breakfast cereals. Vegan chocolate. Dips such as this one above made from beetroot and cashew nut. Cashew nuts are great to create a creamy flavour. Also lived of coconut cream which I added to nearly everything πŸ˜‚ especially great in coffee and homemade sauces.

However as far as cheese goes, forget it! Could not find any good substitute. Just ate more things like hummus, salty snacks and leafy green vegetables to keep my calcium up. This you need to keep in mind that you will loose out on a lot of calcium, hence I added more fish with bones into my diet.

All in all I am no longer 100% dairy free as my baby has outgrown his intolerance, but still am avoiding dairy where I can without necessarily going extreme and reading every food label. I now prefer the taste of coconut milk and cream to standard milk. I also noticed how my body has improved without dairy in my life. In conclusion being dairy free is extremely difficult at the start, but after 1 month you get used to it and you find your substitutes. So if you guys are thinking of giving it a try, go for it and let me know how it goes 😘

The need for extra vitamins while breastfeeding?

I’m 6 months into breastfeeding now and I’m starting to feel a little under nourished. I eat my 3 healthy meals a day plus snacks. I’m drinking a load of water and having young coconuts at least twice a week. Its only now that I am starting to feel slightly dehydrated and started getting headaches. Hence I ordered myself some breastfeeding vitamins online, but it’s going to take at least a month before they arrive. In general it seems a breastfeeding mother does not need extra vitamins as long as her diet is good. However I read some articles online about essential vitamins for breastfeeding moms and found this one quite helpful. It seems the vitamin B’s are very important during breastfeeding. They are water soluble and are meant to help increase breast milk . Vital in converting food to fuel and generally improve your mood and energy. In my opinion I don’t get enough of vitamin B’s. I am not currently eating Dairy and don’t eat a lot of meat and feel that my baby and my body could benefit from some added B vitamins.

I decided to try a IV Infusion vitamin B complex at Eden life centre in Bali.

It was my first time to try an IV Infusion so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However it all went very smooth. It was quite relaxing to sit there and let your body get nourished straight through your blood. Its just a little prick at the start and then it’s absolutely painless. The vitamin B complex is added to a saline solution which in itself is very hydrating. When breastfeeding it is essential to get enough fluids so I’m sure this can only help. Currently I’ve not had any headaches since, however I have also upped my water intake. Basically just drinking fluids all day long πŸ˜‚

What do you guys think about getting extra vitamins while breastfeeding? 😘

Bedtime routine skincare

1) I cleanse my skin: I have several different things I use for this. I like to alternate between a gentle oil cleanser (I use kiehls oil cleanser for this) and a water based cleanser. I find that alternating between these two my face gets just the right amount of cleanse 😜.

2) I use a Face scrub sometimes, maybe every 3-4 days depending on the scrub.

3) I give my face a good splash of Rose water. Currently using this one by kiss scrub Laverne. It leaves my face feeling fresh and revitalised. Also great for a quick pick me up during the day when it’s really hot. I live in Indonesia so it tends to get insanely hot sometimes 😰.

4) Next I usually use some type of oil or serum. Alternating once again between them. Face serum from mademoiselle kelapa and currently obsessed with my grapeseed oil by kiss scrub laverne. It really is an all time wonder oil, as it treats acne but at the same time hydrates your skin. Both products are all natural and gentle on your skin πŸ‘.

5) And if I’m feeling particularly dehydrated I will throw some Nivea on top. However usually the oil or serum is enough. Wouldn’t wanna go overboard now would we? πŸ˜‚

What’s you nighttime skincare routine. Would love to know. Any particular products you love?


Baby’s first food (under 6 months)

Do you have a Baby that’s constantly hungry and you feel like your Breastmilk is not enough? I know I do! My little baby boy is 5 and half months now and I have started giving him solids from the age of 4 months. I started with just some pieces of fruit that he could suck on. Dragon fruit, water melon and Pear. We live in Bali, so lots of delicious exotic fruit on hand. πŸ™ŒHe loves all of it πŸ˜‚

Then at around 4 and half months, I started giving him smashed up avocado, pear , papaya, banana and baby millet porridge mixed in with a bit of formula for extra nutrition. Some people prefer to give them veg first, as it’s less sweet than fruit.

From my personal experience avocado, Pear and pumpkin is great as a first food, also quite low in allergic reactions too.

If you think your Baby is ready for solids go for it! (Mama knows best 🀣). Be creative and have fun with it. Wait 3-4 days after each new food to see if there is any allergic reaction ( usually a rash).

However if you don’t have time to make your own food you can always get others to make it for you πŸ˜‚.

If you are based in Bali or are planning a holiday here with a Baby or Toddler, I can recommend Mini mighty muncher. All their food is organic and delicious ( even for adults πŸ˜‚). They also provide vegan options. Here is a pic of my little sweetheart enjoying his pureed pumpkin from Mini mighty muncher.


How to get your baby to nap

When it comes to napping during the day, it can be really easy or really difficult to get a baby to sleep. If the baby goes for long stretches during the night, your chances of the baby getting many day naps are slim.

Here are my top tips on what to do:

1) Breastfeeding your baby to sleep works for most mothers from my experience. However people tend to advise against it as it gets the baby into a habit. I on the other hand wouldn’t care, whatever gets my sweetheart to dreamland, I’m down to do. Nothing worse than a cranky baby πŸ˜‚.

2) Some type of physical stimulation. My baby likes to lie on his tummy and his bum to be slapped in a rhythmic movement. Other babies like to be rocked to sleep in your arms or crib, while others like a light patting of their back. However once they are being stimulated by some type of movement or touch they tend to relax and drift off.

3) White noise. Many babies enjoy the sound of a fan or a hoover. You can also find some good apps on your phone or videos on YouTube if you don’t feel like hoovering all day πŸ˜‚. This type of sound will cover any other sounds that could potentially wake them plus produces a very calming feeling for the baby. Anytime my baby cries hysterically and I can’t seem to soothe him, a white noise tends to do the trick πŸ‘.

4) This next point is very important. There is a window of sleepiness and if you miss it, you miss the boat. The baby will show you signs such as yawning or rubbing eyes. This means he is ready for a nap. But if you miss it and the baby gets overtired it’s hard to sleep, just like adults find it difficult to sleep when overtired.

5) Keep the room airy and relatively dark. Not too dark in my opinion as I feel it confuses them with nighttime. But blaring sunlight is going to keep anyone awake, just a nice comfortable environment.

6) Now get the hell out of there. Once asleep (even if still fidgeting around a bit) you need to get out of the room if you can. I am a firm believer that they can smell their Mama a mile away πŸ˜‚, specially if you are breastfeeding.

Keep in mind these are tips for a healthy 5 month old baby that you can apply to many babies that find it hard to nap in the day.

Motherhood. 5 quick tips to survive πŸ‘

Well this is why I haven’t written anything in a while as everything just revolves around the baby once you have one. Say goodbye to any dreams or hobbies you have πŸ˜‚. Just kkidding but not really🀣. Washing your hair becomes a task which needs to be planned days in advance and you are lucky to have the time to shower once a day, but really motherhood is a beautiful thing 🀣.

The trick is just to find a good balance and being able to juggle all aspects of your life, then motherhood will actually be a beautiful thing.

Sleepless nights, coffee, diapers, bibs and bras (on and off all day, if you are breastfeeding that is).

Nobody ever told me just how often you breastfeed! It is literally all day. Hence being away from the baby for more than two hours can really be a problem for breastfeeding mothers. But don’t despair when you need to get away you need to get away and you do what you have to. This can be pre-freezed breastmilk, formula, babysitter etc. It’s healthy for everyone to get a break sometimes.

So remember:

1) take it easy, rest when you need to, walk away when you have to.

2) sleep whatever chance you get, everything else is second priority except for the baby of course πŸ˜‚

3) try to eat a lot of food, but prioritise nutritious food. Remember your baby and your body will thank you for it.

4) Arguing with your partner (if you have one) is very normal. Lack of sleep and less time for yourself will do that to you. Therefore try not to get too wound up about it. Keep calm and stay zen ( haha easier said than done).

5) Enjoy watching your baby grow and learn new things each day. These are the little joyous moments that make everything worthwhile.