About Me!!!

blonde turned head

January 2017 update: I started  this blog in 2014 as I wanted to express my inspirations, ideas and dreams, related to Fashion primarily.
I had been working as a Part-time Model for over 2 years back then and have met some wonderful people along the way. I love Modeling, Fashion, Styling, and everything that goes with it. Styling a shoot is amazing fun! Most of the clothes that  feature in my earlier posts come from markets in Rome and an outfit would usually costs me less than 10 euro. As I was then living in Rome back in 2014. Shopping at markets has very much become my favourite past-time. At such low prices for quality brands you cannot really go wrong!

Now 2017: I have been traveling the world for the last 3 years as my current job is in the travel industry. I still post about Fashion as it’s always in my heart, however my interests have changed slightly. These days I post more about travel and lifestyle, as my life has changed so have my posts ;).

I love to give advice where I possibly can and inspire people to be independent, take risks, embrace change and enjoy the world

I appreciate any comments or advise and don’t hesitate to contact me at jasmin.krapp2@mail.dcu.ie if you are interested in working or collaborating with me 🙂


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