Divorce after baby? How to keep it together.

Today I wanted to talk to you about how difficult it is to enjoy spending time with your husband once you have a baby. Even the best matched couples are going to fight. The struggle is real 🤣😪. After that first baby is born it all goes to SH!?!T🤣

The word divorce gets thrown around the room among other things maybe 😂. At the end of the day all you want to do is sleep. You wished you would enjoy your marriage a little more and deep down you know you want to be together. If this is the case and you know you want to spend your lives together then read on if this is not the case and something inside you is telling you this is not the man I want to grow old with then get the hell out of there. You should not stay with someone just because you have a had a baby together. Its not a valid reason. Yes sure it makes it more difficult to leave but where there this a will there is power.

Now to anyone that is still reading, has had a recent baby and is fighting like crazy but knows they want to make it work, find below my 4 steps:

1) Expect this not to be easy. Lack of sleep, lack of time, less money and a whole lot of stress are going to make this marriage difficult. Hence step number 1 mentally and physically prepare yourself for it. Find time for yourself to take a step back, manage your outbursts and just do something you enjoy. 1 hour a day is all you need. Ask for family members to help out or if you can afford a babysitter now and again that is ideal. If you are happy within yourself, your husband will be happier too.

2) Avoid saying things you will regret at any cost. Words have a big impact on people and some may never be forgotten. Also they loose their meaning if you say the same things too often such as ” I want a divorce” etc. Your husband won’t take you seriously and will just ignore what you are saying. This is never a good thing as men aren’t always the best listeners anyways so if they are actively ignoring your words and thoughts and just not taking you seriously then it will be even more frustrating.

3. Find some time just for you as a couple to strengthen your marriage. Again we have the time issue I am aware of this but if you can’t commit to at least one hour a day to some baby free time then you don’t have your priorities right. You don’t need do anything in particular but even just lay there together while baby is napping, talk about your day, eat something, watch a movie, go for a walk ( if you have someone to take the baby obviously haha) Don’t just walk out the house and leave the baby in the crib, even though it is tempting at times 🤣.

4) Now we should be slowly getting on track. Everyone always thinks they are doing more than the other person for the family but in fact most of the time, each of you is putting in their equal share. Try to remember all the things your partner does and be appreciative of it. According to some studies not feeling appreciated is one of the biggest reasons for divorce. I can definitely see how that might be a true fact.

Hope you enjoyed reading my ultimate steps to a happy marriage with baby. If anyone has any other tips I would love to hear from you guys. Comment below and follow my Instagram @jazzy.la.fata.di.moda if you want to see regular updates 😉


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