A little bit of Tokyo

Hello dear followers,

This month I have been so busy traveling to some of the most amazing places on earth, including the Fashion capital of Asia TOKYO!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

This city has amazing night life and day life. Everything is so cute here no matter where your eye wanders. Check out this Sales Assistant in a department store just of the main shopping street in Harajuku.wp-1456340397153.jpg

You just wanna eat everything it looks so sugary sweet.

And the Bags! How pretty are they!


Girls are a bit shy in Japan, nevertheless I did found two to say hello


This is definitely some crazy Fashion going on in Tokyo and it’s not for the fainthearted to give it a go, specially if you are gonna go for a walk in these bad boys


Now things are generally quite pricey in Tokyo but of course I am familiar with the Bargain Basements all over the world and found myself this very Japanese style Blouse and shoes for 10 US$ each on the streets of Harajuku.


I did of course not only shop in Tokyo, but also saw some Temples and the Imperial Palace while I was there. However here is me shopping again in the picture below going all out with the Hairstyle, true Sailormoon style (to anyone who doesn’t know Sailormoon, she is a japanese Animé)


And here doing something cultural



Lunch was more of a challenge, ordering from this machine


and then waiting to be called to come into the restaurant. Fortunately I did manage to order what I wanted. And let’s not forget the Night life. Amazing! Just some pics of our night out and the flight home.




Still wearing my night before Head piece while enjoying fabulous Sushi. Long flight ahead


Until my next Fashion travels xxx