Newyork shopping and more…

I just got back from Newyork and of course I had a blast. It is hard not to in such a vibrant city. One of the must do’s while you visit is to go see a Broadway musical. I chose to see Phantom of the Opera, which was amazing. An added plus was the fact that the tickets were much cheaper than I imagined, at only 45$ for a seat towards the back of the theater.

The second must do in Newyork is to stuff yourself with some of the world’s best foods, as I sure did haha.

Rays’s Pizza, just off Times square and Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Now Ellen’s Stardust Diner is something very special. We went here for Breakfast and even though the food is just “ok” the concept of this Diner is something very unique. One minute your waitress will be pouring your coffee, next minute she will just start singing a musical. They are very talented and to be honest just as talented as the singers themselves on Broadway. So definitley a must see when in Newyork.

Now third must do is of course shopping. You can find everything here. A little overwhelming for some, even for me who loves Fashion. I could only cope with going into a small select number of shops. I spent 4 hours in 1 shop alone. I’m sure you can guess from this picture below.


Forever 21 on Times square is absolutly enormours and once you start, you might as well just surrender and give in to temptation. I spent a little fortune in here even though it is considered a relatively “cheap” high street store. I could have probably just bought one designer dress. But what to do? I am more of a quantity over quality type of shopper as I get tired of an outfit very quickly (once I have worn it once I will probably not wear it again haha)

Well here are just some of my buys from this trip.