Russian/ chicago inspired fashion for fall

I just got back from Chicago yesterday and I am seriously jetlagged. I decided to some errands (including a meeting to schedule an advertorial photoshoot for western and ethnic clothing company) today and then spend the rest of the day on the couch. I shall post some pics when the shoot is completed.

For today I decided to discuss some Fall inspirations and put together a look book 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy!xxx


This was in freezing Moscow 2 weeks ago. I am wearing a bulky grey coat and fur vintage hat (being very russian haha I would say). Both pieces I bought at Porta Portese Market Rome for 5 euro for BOTH. I mixed these plain colours with some really colourful warm leggings ( chinese shop in Rome 5euro) and a quality brown Rocco Barocco designer bag which I absolutly love ( vintage market Rome 15 euro)


Same City, same Leggings, same bag, but this time paired with my illuminous yellow sneakers making this look somewhat more sporty (Penneys, Ireland, 11 euro) and a velvet brown cardigan with a soft furry collar ( Porta Portese, Rome, 2 euro)


On top of the world, well actually just the Willis tower in Chicago wearing white jeans (they were free as my Dad found them god knows where, as he is an Antiques dealer) and baby blue jumper, not too heavy just right for the Fall ( saint Francis Mall, Manilla, Phillipines 200 pesos (approx 5 euro))


Over this I was wearing my good old warm orangy brown down feather jacket ( Zara, Emirates Mall,Dubai, 300Aed approx 80 euro)


Now this little outfit including the peanut butter snickers bar which is the best bar in the world I bought while I was in Chicago black pleated shorts and cropped grey jersey top( 21’s, 8$ and 10$)


We also need a bit of colour in autumn so I bought this dress which I will wear with navy tights. I love the colour and fit of this dress and it was so cheap from a Dubai version of pound shop( day to day, Dubai 10 Aed approx 3 euro)


Bought this dress from the same shop for the same price last week


Same again for this cute Japanese inspired handbag. Same shop, same price. I guess I did some serious shopping last week and these are just some of the items that are making it onto my blog