Taipei as Jazzy sees it ;)

I think it’s time for a post. Please forgive me guys I can be so lazy when it comes to blogging. The thing is I can only blog when true inspiration hits me and when time allows me :(. I have been so busy jetsetting around the Globe that sleeping and eating was all I could think about haha.

Today’s post I would like to dedicate to Taipei Fashion. Once again a city in Asia that really knows Fashion. The young girls there dress so unique and quirky that I just had to ask if I could take a picture of them.


Apart from those girls, another beauty that I found at
the Shilin night market was this

some unusual pet fish anybody or maybe rather Fish for dinner?


And here I am having some local Taiwanese fried chicken. Yum Yum


But of course I didn’t only go to Markets,( I happily could have spent my entire time there 😉 ) I thought I should also check out the local scenery, so I went to Elephant Mountain.


Check out my newly bought bright yellow Kaftan from India haha. ( I literally just got back from Chennai, India and I had to pack my suitcase again for Taiwan, so why unpack and repack ? right?)
I mean why not wear Indian Fashion in Taiwan?

And I got to see PANDAS at the Taipei zoo!! A lifelong ambition of mine, not joking.


I did see the real ones too, but the photos were a bit shitty. Oh and I am sure you can notice that I am soaking wet in this photo. There was a downpour of rain that I have never seen anywhere else like it before and my beloved Kaftan became transparent- not a good look, very embarrassing, but sure what can you do? You just got to keep on trekking. 🙂