It’s time for a Detox

I have been partying, eating, drinking and smoking a lot the last 2 months. Since I started flying I definitely have become more lumpier and bumpier. And then again sometimes I think you only live once, do what you feel like doing. However if I keep going like this I will live a very short life. So much crap in your body combined with such little sleep can’t be good for you. So I decided to do this detox. Now that doesn’t mean no alcohol, no cigarettes, no sugar, but just less. Because I just couldn’t do a complete detox, my body wouldn’t be able for that haha.

I started the 19th of February, the day I woke up with the flu actually. I guess that made me realize I desperately want to be healthy again. So the first day went great. I pretty much only ate enormous amounts of fruit and veg with little carbs and i got my first detox/anti- cellulite massage. Well the pain of that massage was insane. Here are some pics of my bruised legs.

I guess no pain no gain as the say. And I booked a package of 5, as they had this offer and I thought sure why not. Now I’m kind of dreading the next session.

2nd Day I added some chocolate and Ben and jerry’s to the mix, but just a little to keep me going with this detox thing. It’s bad enough with no alcohol and being bored all day slouching around the house feeling rubbish. I promise no sugary snacks tomorrow.

And so far so good, it’s the third day and the most sugary thing I’ve had all day is my Lempsip, well and my sugary cereal but in comparison to what I would usually have, I’m doing good.

Now the thing is once I’m better again thats when it will get more difficult. I will be flying, up at all hours, eating at all hours, not being able to sleep, wanting to go out and party.

So let’s have a look at some tips on how to lead a healthy and balanced life as a Cabin crew:

1) Don’t boredom eat on the plane

2) Some people say don’t eat the hot meals on the plane as they are full of shit, but in my opinion you can, just don’t eat 4 of them, have 2 hot meals max and avoid the carbs

3) try sleep whenever you can (this is the hardest bit for me, because I just can’t sleep if I know I have a flight)

4) Go out but try drink less and smoke less than you would usually and whatever you do, do not stuff your face after a night out (my biggest downfall :))

5) Avoid big meals just before going to bed, not only does it interfere with getting a good sleep but it also contributes to the fact of you not fitting into your jeans anymore.

So there are are 5 points, I’m gonna try stick to, will see how it goes