Checking out the Party scene in Dubai

When it comes to Dubai there isn’t too much to do in the day (due to the extreme heat), however during the night this place comes to life. Many places to choose from if you like high end clubs.  I have been here 3 weeks now and have been to three different clubs.

1st one was Barasti, definitely not for the fainthearted. Extreme sauna-like temperatures as it’s mostly all outside. I would suggest you go there during the winter months. Dress code-casual.


2nd place was White club, which I absolutely loved! A rooftop club,  very classy and dressy with an amazing view of Dubai.


I chose to wear a tight-fitting Gucci print dress


of course we got our picture taken haha



Now to the 3rd place. “Cirque” Very interesting place…. Not my favourite for sure. Their attractions include a Giant standing at the entrance, a little person, dressed as a monkey in the window for people to laugh at (Not funny, just weird), free popcorn and a pit of balls for people to lie in. Now I don’t know but these things do not attract me into a club. However we made the most of it 🙂


I know, I changed my Hair colour again, but this time for work reasons. I didn’t want to! 😦


There are the balls I was telling you about.


I wore a wine coloured sparkly backless dress. One of my favourites actually especially when I’m brunette. I have a funny feeling I will be wearing a lot of “dressy” clothes here in comparison to Rome which was much more low-key in general. Can’t wait to go shopping and buy lots of sparlky dresses and high heels.:)