The area I live in…

I have been living in Torpignattara/Pigneto for a while now (2 years). It’s an area in Rome that is vibrant, multicultural and full of life, even during Ferragosto when all Italians abandon Rome in order to head to the sea.




Acquedotto alessandrino-via tor pignattara


I was walking through my area this evening coming back from the gym and I was just inspired to write about it. I saw the most unique outfits, ranging from a pair of beautiful see-through shoes worn by a 40 year old Chinese women to the most stunning pink Indian attire worn by young Bangladesh women.

I wish I had my camera at hand, but guys don’t despair, I must try capture some of this vibrancy at some point before I leave to go to Dubai mid-September.  I have a month before I leave. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to take some photos of some of the most interesting dressed characters I have ever seen including a Barbie doll lookalike that skates around the neighbourhood usually in the afternoons and some very fabulous Transvestites that tend to come out at night.

Wish me luck xxx