Black and white Photoshoot in Rome Part 2

I know it took a while to post part 2. I am just on holidays at the moment in Ireland, and then off to Ibiza, so busy busy busy.  But here  you go some more great classic shots of me in Rome by the LA Photographer Danny Mendoza.04.23.2014 Jasmin Krapp-4039

White top, white skirt, white shoes = Italian classic

04.23.2014 Jasmin Krapp-4040

04.23.2014 Jasmin Krapp-4041

04.23.2014 Jasmin Krapp-4043

04.23.2014 Jasmin Krapp-4061

04.23.2014 Jasmin Krapp-4066

04.23.2014 Jasmin Krapp-4072

04.23.2014 Jasmin Krapp-4075

04.23.2014 Jasmin Krapp-4077



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