Black and white Photoshoot in Rome Part 2

I know it took a while to post part 2. I am just on holidays at the moment in Ireland, and then off to Ibiza, so busy busy busy.  But here  you go some more great classic shots of me in Rome by the LA Photographer Danny Mendoza. White top, white skirt, white shoes =…

Black and white Photoshoot in Rome

Here are some pictures from one of my more recent shoots with the very talented photographer Danny Mendoza . Part 1 of the photo-shoot, part 2 and part 3 to follow shortly. They are  mostly Black and white  images as he specializes in this type of photography. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Go germany! Deutschland ole ole

It is the final and i am supporting Germany here in Rome 🙂 I am quite optimistic about tonight, as they did beat Brazil 7-1. Ole ole! However you never know. To all you Germany supporters let’s go Deutschland!:-)

Purple Rain

Some people say it’s difficult to wear purple, however it is one of my favourite colours and here is how to do it. Do wear purple lipstick to match your purple shirt. I mean why not?? Best to pair purple with plain colours such as white

Pink pants in the office!

So why not add some colour to the office environment. Try Barbie pink capri pants with some heels to bring sunshine to your day. Just chilling at lunch time in the park Wow two pairs of pink pants in the same office! What Fortune! And in for the close-up, yes you can wear violet with…

Hello Mr. David Guetta

28 June  2014 David Guetta was playing in Rome.  I love Dance Music!!! So of course I went to his concert 🙂 Getting ready to parteeey! And we have arrived… Ticket ready Steady Go!!!! Let’s have a beer Maybe just getting a little too excited now 🙂 As to my outfit, I was wearing a…