Pastel Wedding Italian style

Last Weekend, my boyfriend and I went to a wedding in Frascati, just outside of Rome. So if you have a summer wedding coming up and you still have no idea what to wear, here are some ideas

Outside the church

wedding 1done

I must say I find the contrast between the pale blue suit, the red tie and the brown leather belt very elegant and stylish. As to my outfit I chose a loose-fitting (this way I can eat, without anybody noticing my bloat ;)), pastel yellow dress

Pastel Yellow Fairy with flowers in her head



Looking very slick in his baby blue suit! I believe Men should leave their usual black, navy and grey suits in their wardrobe this summer and dare to try some pastel coloured suits. Baby blue I find particularly flattering this summer.





Pastels are once again on trend for summer 2014. Best to wear them with a slight tan, but these tones of colour also look very elegant and sophisticated with porcelain skin. I would advise to match with gold, silver or rose gold shoes and bag, depending on your skin tone, hair colour and the pastel colour you are wearing. In my case I have light brown hair and a slight tan and I chose a pastel yellow dress with gold/ivory shoes and gold bag. I adore pastels and there will be plenty more to come. I have another wedding coming up in July, this time in Ireland and I plan on wearing a pastel green dress so I will keep you posted


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